S.O.S. Internship



  • Preaching the Gospel in schools.
  • Preaching and ministering in open-air crusade style meetings.
  • Be conference speakers and teachers in different seminars hosted by African pastors, Anglicans, Baptists, Pentecostals, Lutherans and inter-denominational groups.
  • Ministering in various Pentecostal, Anglican, and independent churches on Sunday mornings.
  • Heal the sick, cast out devils, and partner with Holy Spirit to see the Kingdom of God come to earth.
  • Ministering healing in local hospitals.
  • Ministering love to those who don’t know what love is.
  • Evangelizing the lost through various forms of outreach and ministry in partnership with local churches and local church leadership.
  • Travel, see, and experience life with amazing people in various parts of East Africa.
  • None of this includes the life experiences of immersing oneself in the Zambian culture among the Zambian people!

If you are a ministry school leader, please consider sending your students to Zambia on a two-month missions practicum with us.  If you are interested in a KASHABBA TRIBE MINISTRIES INTERNSHIP program for your students, please email us at:  Info@kashabbatribe.com.  The best time frame for hosting potential students is March-May of each year, depending on the year.  However, we are open to a more specialized program if one is necessary as we occasionally do a Summer of Service program as well.  We discuss with the school leaders the goals, discuss the objectives, plan the time frame, coordinate the ministry, and provide an opportunity for future missionaries and ministers to experience Kingdom ministry in a third world setting.  This is truly a unique, world-changing opportunity!  Inquire today.

Kashabba Tribe Ministries desires to see those who are called by God to the foreign mission field as well as full-time vocational ministry have an opportunity for practical ministry experience.  We are creating partnerships with schools of ministry and ministry training programs in order to benefit those students with an amazing, longer term, practical ministry experience.  It’s one thing to come to East Africa on one of our two week ministry trips; it’s a whole ‘nother experience to come for two months and experience the day-to-day aspects of living in Africa combined with full-time ministry.

These Season of Service Internships (schedule below) will help to give students/graduates an idea of what is like living in a foreign mission field and what day-to-day ministry opportunities exist for those who say YES to the call of God on their lives.  In recent years, we have had the privilege of hosting ministry school students for two months.  They have experienced the following (actual photos of the times below):

Our desire is too see as many followers of Jesus have their hearts ignited and faith emboldened by experiencing the Presence of God and watching the Kingdom of God manifest in front of their own eyes underneath their own hands.  If you are looking for more in your walk with the Lord, if you are desiring to have your experience match your theology, or if just want to live the book of Acts, these internships are for you!

Come to Zambia with us, experience the love and power of God, and leave more equipped for a life of full-time ministry and missionary adventure!  Come and never be the same again!  But don’t take our word for it, take the word of a couple people who have been to Africa with us.


“Anyone who has a heart to preach and teach the Kingdom of God, see the sick healed, the demonized set free, and the broken restored will have plently of opportunity to do so under Kashabba Tribe Ministries. Peter and Rebekah demonstrate love to people who aren’t going to hear it from anyone else. There are so many people in Tanzania hungry to hear the GOOD News of Jesus Christ, and Peter eminates that message. Peter preaches the Government of Heaven to so many who have only ever heard that the Kingdom of Heaven can only ever be like the systems of this world (corrupt and broken). Rebekah’s heart reflects intimacy with Jesus, as expressed through her music. I won’t soon forget the awesome hospitality of Peter and Rebekah as they hosted me on my first trip to Africa. I have thoroughly enjoyed the two months I spent in Tanzania with KTM. I can say from experience that if you go to Tanzania, you will have the privilege of seeing God be who he says He is. We had so many opportunities to stretch ourselves being Jesus to people, whether through preaching or teaching, or simply giving someone a hug. I recognize KTM as a ministry that is after the Father’s heart to see peoples’ lives transformed into perfect love, perfect forgiveness, and perfect light. If you’re thinking about taking a trip to Tanzania, you should just do it. Be a part of the great fire God is lighting in this beautiful nation through KTM.”

- Andrea A., GSSM Practicum 2012

“If you have ever dreamed of being sent into a foreign culture and ministering to a people who are hungry for God, this internship is exactly what you have been waiting for. God is moving powerfully in Tanzania and the hearts of the people are ready. Before the trip I had only preached three times in my life. I was not very confident in my ability to teach on healing. I had always been afraid of failure, which had held me back in many areas of my life. As the weeks went by, Peter and Rebekah gave me so much encouragement. They were many opportunities to step out in what I felt like I was hearing from the Lord. Peter also gave me a safe place to practice trusting the Lord and seeing how He would come through as I walked out my faith in ministry. Looking back at my trip now, I can see how I grew in confidence so that by the end of the trip I felt comfortable with the idea of leading a healing meeting even if I were on my own. I never expected these kinds of amazing results in such a short time. ”

- Rosalind L., KTM S.O.S. Internship 2017

If you would like more information about our KTM Internships to Rwanda, please contact us at Info@kashabbatribe.com.  If you would like to download an application for our 2024 KTM Summer Season of Service Internship, please click on the like below:

Season of Service Schedule


June – August 2024 – KTM Season of Service Internship



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