Prayer Shield

Kashabba Tribe Prayer Shield


Why We Need Prayer and How You Can Partner With Us

In August 2007, I (Peter) received a dream during a season of prayer and fasting that I knew immediately was from the Lord.  This dream from the Lord highlighted to me the current reality of the spiritual climate surrounding us here in Africa.  Here is the dream and what will follow after is the interpretation:

I was sitting on a small hillside with members of my eighth grade class.  We were assembled to watch an athletic contest between two teams that had two members on each team.  Or at least were supposed to have two members.  The presiding teacher was one of the physical Ed teachers from the middle school I went to when I was in my 6th and 8th grade years.  In any event, the one team consisted of a person whose initials are “JW” and another person that I couldn’t positively ID.  The other team was only made up of one person.  While it should have been two, there was only one boy to compete on that team.  As the competition was in progress, it became clear that this was going to be a wipeout and not even close.  JW and some of his followers were acting big, bad, and tough during the event.  At some point, I stood up, frustrated and slightly angry, and yelled, “What’s the point of this?  This isn’t a contest, it’s a [farce, sham, something like that].”  Everything stopped.  I then turned around and walked away.  JW’s head turned towards me, and he took note of who I was.

The interpretation is as follows:  “JW” was the actual ringleader of a gang of 8th graders who acted like thugs and gangsters.  A teacher at my middle school commented on our last day of school that our team was the worst to pass through in the history of our school.  You didn’t cross him or his group or there was hell-to-pay.  Many suffered harassments and embarrassments of many kinds.  In any event, the team that consisted of only one person represents the church of Africa.  It is woefully undermanned in the current struggle.  It is short-handed and not in shape for this contest.  The people sitting on the sidelines are the people of the country who are observing this struggle.  I represented both Rebekah and I.  The point being that now that we have  proclaimed the truth of the Gospel of the Kingdom, the enemy has taken note.  There are many things that need to change, many false mindsets that need to be exposed and torn down.  Our goal is to see the church of Jesus Christ in Sub-Sahara Africa be Kingdomized and to walk in the experiential truth of being beloved children of God.   The enemy has taken note of our existence in Africa.  The fact that it was JW who was in the dream, lets me know that ranking demonic principalities over the region are aware of our personal presence as representatives and ambassadors of Jesus Christ.

Now, Rebekah and I do not fear, cause greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world.   But we are sober, and the impetus for the Lord giving me this dream is to continue to rally a prayer shield that would covenant to pray and intercede for us daily.  We believe in the power of prayer because we believe in the God who listens and answers the prayers of His children.   As Rebekah and I have both been involved in seasons of intercessory prayer, and have seen the Lord answer the prayers of His children, we continue to organize such a covering for us, our family, and the ministry


So, where do we go from here?  Well, what we are asking for is that all who read this would pray and ask the Lord whether this is a commitment one should make.  We are asking for prayer supporters to commit to pray for us daily and/or weekly.  This will be denoted by the following designations:

I1 – prayer warrior interceding daily to see heaven come to earth on our behalf.

I2 – intercessor who will commit to praying each week for heaven to come to earth.

If you decide to partner with us in prayer, you will receive special email updates with items for prayer as well as testimonies of Father God’s wonderful answered prayers.  These updates will contain slightly more information about how to best pray for us and KTM here in Africa. We are asking that those who say yes to this undertaking email us back personally so we can list you as a Kashabba Tribe Prayer Supporter.  Please email at:

Thank you for partnering with us in such a manner and for praying for us here in Tanzania.  If you say yes, here are the foundational and current prayer requests (in no specific order):

  • That our house would be a sanctuary of rest and peace and that all improvements and upgrades would happen without hindrance, delays, or problems in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • Rebekah, Noelani, Kealani, Leilani, Christopher, Bekah and I’s personal health and well-being.  That all of us would have divine health in body, soul, and spirit and that each of our bodies would be a sickness and disease free zone.
  • That we would have divine appointments that would allow for relationships to develop across a broad spectrum (religious, business, governmental, etc.) so as to see a Kingdom Network developed to the advancement of the Kingdom of God in many different spheres of society.
  • That KTM would have the Lord’s vision and His heart for the current generation and have His strength to obey His word, even if it breaks with the religious traditions of the church for obedience is better than sacrifice (1 Sam. 15:22).  Also pray that for these times we would be properly rooted in wisdom and love so we can be catalysts and not hindrances for what God wants to do in Africa.
  • Divine strategies and opportunities to minister the vision and revelation God has given to us.
  • That we would have favor with God and with men.
  • That enough people would partner with us financially in order to meet our support goals.
  • Much greater revelation of King Jesus and His Kingdom, so that our understanding of Him would grow, but more than that, our love for God would grow much farther beyond that it is now.
  • Anything else the Lord brings to mind.

We will always be looking for feedback, as well as listening to what the Lord is saying through you.  Thank you so much for prayerfully considering coming alongside us in this God adventure.  Thank you for serving the Lord in such a manner.

Peter, Rebekah, Noelani, Kealani, Leilani, Christopher, and Bekah Neuberger

June 2022