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Kashabba Tribe Ministries in Tanzania

We have been privileged to minister in and around Mt. Kilimanjaro as well as in various other parts of East Africa.  Each one of these videos highlighted below tells a story of how a KTM team partnered with Holy Spirit as He moved through a city or region advancing the Kingdom of God among the people of Tanzania.  Each picture, each video clip tells a story, whether a testimony of healing, a miracle that Jesus performed, a body of believers that we fellowshipped with, or even just the children we loved on.  We hope these videos will inspire each viewer to say “YES!” to the call of God on your own life, and maybe, just maybe, inspire you to come visit and minister with us in East Africa as part of a Kashabba Tribe Ministries ministry team.  If you would like to see additional videos, please subscribe to our Youtube channel titled “Kashabba.”    Be blessed, for you are already loved.

Kashabba Tribe YouTube Channel